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Start Date:17/05/2020
Total Flights:1
Total Flights Today:0
Total Flights Month:0
Total Flight Hours:1 hrs
Total Pax Carried:122
Total Fuel Burned:11,408 lbs
Total Flight Miles:418 nm
Total Aircraft In Fleet:1
Total Schedules:3
Served Destinations:3

Pilot Statistics

Banned 2

Pilot Domiciles

United States United States 2

Pilot Achievements

Achievement Total Pilots
Flight Achievements
100+ Flights 0
250+ Flights 0
500+ Flights 0
1000+ Flights 0
Hour Achievements
100+ Hours 0
250+ Hours 0
500+ Hours 0
1000+ Hours 0

Pilot Rank Statistics

Rank Total Pilots
New Hire New Hire 2


ICAO Hub Members
KJFK Kennedy International 1
KSAN San Diego International Airport 1

Aircraft Types in Fleet

Type Name Amount
1 B738 B737-800 1

10 Most Popular Routes

Flight Times Flown Departure Arrival Distance Aircaft
1 NPA471 1 KSAN KSMF 418 nm B738 - B737-800

Most Popular Aircraft Types

ICAO Name Full Name Routes Flown Total Hours Average Distance
1 B738 B737-800 Boeing 737-800 1 1 418

Landing Rates

Airline Best:-653 ft/min
Airline Average:-653 ft/min

ACARS Client Use

ACARS Client PIREPS Submitted
1 smartCARS 1